To be successful in almost anything, there must exist a solid foundation from which to build upon. At Lex Corporate Services Ltd., this is what we seek to do when it comes to your business and investments – provide a solid framework upon which you can either be established or expand.

As an offshore client, particularly if you are new to the Turks and Caicos market, our experienced professionals at Lex Corporate Services can help to strategically navigate you through various processes to ensure your business investments and assets are fortified.

We also welcome small business owners to our doors. We are certain that you will be satisfied with our personable service and rates that suit your budget.

Whether you are a well-established savvy business person, a wealthy investor or a newly budding entrepreneur, whether you are located offshore or on island, as a respected corporate services specialist, Lex can ably satisfy a wide range of corporate needs based on the specific requirements of your business model.  

Lex Corporate Services Ltd. (LCSL) has been serving in the corporate law and administrative business in Turks and Caicos since May 2008. We are licensed and regulated Company Managers under the Company Management (Licensing) Ordinance, 1999 and Subsidiary Regulations of the Turks and Caicos Islands, which is governed by the Financial Services Commission.

Our connection to Karam & Missick, Attorneys at Law, allows our clients the further benefit of exploring tax management, asset planning, complex investment and estate solutions. That affiliation also makes for an easy cross over in the event your business needs extend to legal advice, drafting of various business contracts or legal representation.   

In the face of an abundance of cyber crime and identity theft, we employ the latest technology solutions to ensure your data is protected. We have also engaged the services competent compliance and accounting professionals to safeguard the solid reputation we have built with our governing body.

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