Lex Corporate Services Ltd.

Lex Corporate Services Ltd. (LCSL) is an affiliate company of Karam & Missick licensed and regulated under the Company Management (licensing) Ordinance, 1999 and Subsidiary Regulations of the Turks and Caicos Islands. We cater to both the local community and offshore clients and our basic aim is to provide both residents and the offshore industry with a wide range of corporate needs. We provide fast, efficient and reasonably priced service to our clients.

Proposed company names can be confirmed within hours and companies can usually be formed within 48 business hours of returning a completed company application form together with all of the necessary supporting documents.

Such incorporations would include the preparation of Memorandum and Articles of Association for the company using documents approved by the company’s attorneys-at-law, registering and filing the same with the Registrar of Companies and obtaining the corporate seal.

In addition to offering incorporations we provide a host of additional corporate serviced based on the requests and needs of our clients. These services include the following:

Registered Agent and Office Services

The TCI Companies’ Ordinance requires that every company have an independent Registered Agent and Registered Office.  Lex Corporate Services Ltd. is the best choice for comprehensive, accurate services at an attractive price.

As your Registered Agent, Lex Corporate Services Ltd. is appointed to accept legal documents and notifications from government and financial agencies on your behalf.  We notify our clients of reports and filings being due periodically to ensure that your company remains in good standing. Moreover, we have the competencies to represent your business during any legal action on account of our affiliation with Karam & Missick Attorneys.

As your Agent, Lex Corporate will service all of your needs including any unique requirements you may have, by remaining up to date with regulations and applications, to offer necessary and timely feedback with guidance for more efficient processing.

Business License Applications

Lex Corporate Services Ltd. understands the time investment and complexities associated with filing and renewing business licenses. For this reason we offer the following services:

  • Research all licensing requirements at every level (including general, specialty and regulated businesses).
  • Collect and provide you with a customary application package relevant to your business needs, including any special filing instructions for you to complete.
  • Follow through with licensing authority to ensure successful completion of filing or renewal.

Entity Maintenance and Compliance

To remain compliant and in good standing, each company is required to submit company returns and pay annual fees to the Turks and Caicos Financial Services Commission. Subsequent to that, any company in possession of a license must ensure their company is kept current in order to successfully process license renewals and maintain legal status. All actions and changes of a company must be filed and the necessary resolutions and consents maintained. Current identifications and due diligence documents must be retained and kept up to date. Lex Corporate Services Ltd. is firm that our clients are compliant in all respects.

PORC Administration

Turks and Caicos is a leader in the business of Producer Owned Reinsurance Companies. We welcome the opportunity to form strong partnerships with Brokers.

Our knowledgeable and experienced agents can assist with incorporating your international companies at significantly low upfront capital under a jurisdiction that offers tax exemption and a reasonable regulatory and steady economic environment. We also work closely with our regulatory body to promptly process reinsurance licenses to suit your needs.

The core objective of this department is superior service delivery and efficiency in preparing corporate documents, change requests and entity maintenance to ensure that your company remains in good standing. We focus on quick response times, communicating at each stage and being skilled in follow-up.